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Core Services

  • Corporate Marketing Video

    Promote your corporate image and brand identity, launch a new product or a special promotion, and recruit through the power of video.  From short corporate core messages, to testimonials, product demonstrations, and video case studies, we can effectively communicate your brand’s core values and tell your story.

  • Training Video

    Video has become a revolutionary tool in communicating training information to clients, employees, and end users. Using video to convey important training information has only proven to be more effective than traditional methods, but is often times a cheaper alternative to in-person training sessions. With our experience in production and our understanding of effective training methods, Vecomi can create training videos that deliver, educate, entertain, and engage your audience.

  • Online Web Video

    The internet has become the go-to platform for disseminating information. Now that most desktops and mobile devices have the ability to easily stream video from the internet, you can maximize your audience by creating compelling video content for online platforms.  Online videos consist of many applications such as high impact video brochures, training videos, productions, product demonstrations, Vlogs or client testimonials.

YouTube Video Marketing Tips

Think about your Title

The title of your video will effect search results and thus the number of views your video gets. Don’t be quick to title your video after your company (unless they are the keywords you are after). Perform some preliminary video keyword research around what your customers would search for. For optimal exposure of your business online video, your title should contain your most important keywords.

Create a keyword rich Description

Make sure your most important keyword appears in the beginning of your description. These should piggy-back of the Title of your video and textual SEO keywords to produce best video marketing results. Also, make sure to not put too many into the description – 10-15 VSEO keyword phrases are optimal.

Include your URL into your Description

Completely list your URL (ex, in your keyword rich description. This will help direct linking and make it easy for viewer to get to your website.

Coordinate your Tags

Just like in your Description, list your Tags in coordination with your textual video production SEO strategy. Think about what your customers would search for and then select a handful of highly relevant keyword tags for optimal marketing video production return.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, naturally, people talk

I put Santos in a tough position; we will travel by air but I do not want to pay any over-weight or excess bag charges.  Still, he managed to come fully prepared to shoot at locations ranging from large to cramped, on a very tight schedule, in awful weather. At each location, he was pleasant, professional and efficient. He also maintained the “look” for this particular production established on previous shoots. I found it easy to both work and travel with Santos and the shoots turned out just as I had expected. Santos earned what I believe is the highest compliment: I would hire him again.

Spence LevineHospice Foundation of AmericaHospice Foundation of America

Santos consistently delivers top-notch video and his professionalism onset is refreshing. He understands how to create a beautiful interview shot out of nothing and we always trust him with our clients. Santos is an absolute pleasure to work with and we highly recommend him for your next shoot.

Gem GokmenVIDEO Executive Video

Pierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors hires Santos Ramos for all of our photography and videography needs.  Every time we finish a project our next call is to Santos because we know that we can depend on him to capture our completed interior design masterpieces in such a magnificent manner that our future clients can truly see what is is we do.  Sometimes a photograph of a project just doesn’t do it justice, if taken from the wrong angle or with incorrect lighting usage the design isn’t truly captured.  We chose Santos to photograph our work because we appreciated the fact that he was talented enough to use unique angles and lighting choices in order to enhance the finest detail in an accessory, as well as being able to photograph the entire room from an angle that includes every detail of the design.  Santos always takes our “picture perfect” designs and makes them perfect pictures.  Santos is extremely professional and always works within our schedule which makes him the perfect photographer to work with and we would highly recommend him to anyone.

Pierre Jean-BaptistePierre Jean-Baptiste Interiors

Santos has a knack for quickly and intuitively understanding what you want, even when you might not think you’ve thoroughly articulated your concept. He arrives prepared technically and conceptually. His preparation gives him the flexibility that allows you to change your mind in the middle of a shoot. He knows how to make the most of the talent. He has all the right instincts to make a script or shot list come alive. He will make your clients, their people and products, look good!

Gregory BachmanBachman Consulting